Maternity period

During the maternity period, the first week after the delivery, the midwife will come to your home about once every two days.

The midwife comes to your home when she accompanied your delivery herself and when the delivery had to take place in the hospital with counseling of the gynaecologist.

When you decide to spend (a part of) your maternity period in the maternity hotel, the midwife will come over there for the maternity visits.

Just maternity period counseling

When the check ups of your pregnancy and delivery have to take place in the hospital completely and you have not visited a midwife before, it is sufficient to contact Nuvola during your pregnancy to sign up for counseling during the maternity period.

There is a possibility to meet one of the midwives during our consultation hour and you will get information about the maternity period. Even if you have already given birth and know when you will be going home, you can still sign up for counseling during your maternity period.

During the maternity visits the midwife will discuss the performed check ups and findings with the maternity nurse.

Location of your postnatal care

After your delivery you will have thee option where your postnatal care will take place; at home, at the “ kraamhotel” or in the hospital.

At home

If you had a low risk pregnancy and there were no complications during childbirth, you may go home 2-3 hours after delivery. The maternity assistant will meet you at your house and help you get started. If you had a homebirth, the maternity assistant will stay for a few more hours and will come back in the morning. The maternity assistant will visit you every day to help you with the feeding and taking care of the baby. The midwife will visit every other day.

At the kraamhotel

When you have delivered in the ETZ hospital in Tilburg, you have the choice to stay a little bit longer in the “kraamhotel” after birth. This can differ between one night or a whole week, the preference is yours. There are a some advantages to this:

  • There is a nurse available 24 hours a day, who can help and assist you when needed.
  • Your partner and baby can sleep in the same room with you.
  • The midwife visits you every other day
  • There can be additional costs for this, depending on your insurance

At the hospital

When there have been complications during pregnancy, childbirth or your baby has to monitored at the pedetrician you will remain in the hospital where you will receive your postpartum care. When you have to stay in the hospital for your postpartum care, the midwife and gynacologist are responsible for your recovery.

When to call
The midwife on duty can be reached day and night, should you require this. Always call us if:

  • Mother has a fever (Above 38,0°C)
  • Mother has a lot of blood loss
  • Baby has a fever or too low a body temperature (Above 37.5°C or below 36.5°C)
  • Baby doesn’t want to drink
  • Baby comes across drowsy or has a yellow colour