About Nuvola

Experiencing a pregnancy and delivery is one the most beautiful, significant, and exciting events in your life. We are confident that the right, professional, and personal guidance will give you the confidence you need during this time.                                                                                                   

At Nuvola we value providing personal care and individual support in a safe and relaxing environment. We are excited to guide you and your partner through the process of childbirth.  

If no complications occur during your pregnancy, we will guide your pregnancy and delivery during the whole nine months. In some cases it is necessary that we involve the expertise of the gynaecologist. We have weekly meetings with the gynaecologist, where we discuss all new pregnancies, in order to set up the best and safest care around your pregnancy and delivery.

To provide you with the most optimal care we collaborate with two hospitals in our region: 

ETZ:  location Waalwijk, TweeSteden en Elisabeth Tilburg and the Jeroen Bosch ziekenhuis in Den Bosch. You have the option to choose which hospital you prefer, so we can make sure we give you the care you need and wish for.                                                                                                       

Do you live in Waalwijk, Landgoed Driessen, Waspik, Drunen, Elshout or Wijk en Aalburg? Then you are welcome at our practice!                                                                                                                                                         
If you live outside this region and you wish our care, please contact us so we can have a look at the possibilities. 

You are welcome to register at our practice from the moment you have a positive pregnancy test! When you only need care during your maternity bed, please contact us as well.

Nuvola. More than nine months care!

Meet the midwife 

Welcome at Nuvola!

They will all take care of you during your pregnancy. This includes ultrasounds and check-ups.  

It is our aim that you will meet all of the midwifes before giving birth. During delivery you will be assisted by the midwife who is on call at that specific moment. 

During the period of your maternity bed, we will take care of you at your own home. 

In order to provide continuous care all year, we have colleagues who help us out during sick or annual leave. It is a possibility you will meet them as well during your visits.

Patricia Smeulders is the owner of Nuvola.   
In 2001 Patricia graduated as a midwife and worked at Nuvola. For the last couple of years, Patricia  is responsible for the practice and the organisation. She is currently not working as a midwife. 

Our practice is a training practice. This means we occasionally mentor students who are training to become a midwife. It is possible you will meet a student during check-ups, childbirth or maternity care. If you object to this, please let us know. We will announce every new student on our website and with a notification on the practice.