Medical ultrasound scans

During your pregnancy a number of standard ultrasound scans will be offered, which are covered by your health insurance: 

  • The ultrasound that renders the due date between 10-12 weeks of pregnancy
  • Anomaly scan around 20 weeks of pregnancy.
  • Ultrasounds to check the growth of the baby (note: only on indication)
  • The positioning of the placenta around 32 weeks (note: only on indication)
  • The positioning of the baby around 35 weeks of pregnancy.

Ultrasound to confirm the vitality of the pregnancy

Around 8 weeks of pregnancy it is possible to perform the first ultrasounds. This is to determine the vitality of the pregnancy. The health insurance only covers this ultrasound in case of blood loss. At Nuvola we offer this ultrasound as a service to all our clients. 

Because this ultrasound scan is early in pregnancy, it is a vaginal ultrasound. Scans made after 10 weeks of pregnancy are made through the stomach.

Fun ultrasound scans

Nuvola also offers ultrasound scans for fun. These scans are made by the midwife to have a look at your little one. Maybe you are curious about the gender of the baby, maybe you want to see how the baby is positioned. Nevertheless, this means these ultrasound scans are at your own request and this means they are not covered by your insurance. We offer different kind of ultrasounds as you see in the information below. Images can be saved on a USB stick. The costs of a USB stick are 10 euro. We use our own USB stick to make sure no viruses are transmitted to our scan. Some ultrasound scans include the USB. 

Be aware that we may notice unexpected particulars during a fun ultrasound scan. In that case we will always inform you of this.

Ultrasound scan to determine the gender of the baby
After 16 weeks of pregnancy, it is possible to determine the gender of the baby. This ultrasound scan takes 15 minutes, and the costs are 25 euros, excl USB-stick. 

Combination deal: gender of the baby and 3D/4D ultrasound scan
This means you will have two ultrasounds: An appointment after 16 weeks of 15 minutes to determine the gender of the baby and later in pregnancy a 3D/4D ultrasound scan of 30 minutes. The price of these scans combined is 100 euros, including USB-stick. 

Discount card 2D and 3D ultrasound scans
This means it is possible to make 2D and 3D scans at a reduced price. Each ultrasound takes 15 minutes and you will receive 2 times a 2D ultrasound scan and 2 times a 3D ultrasound scan. Each discount card is personal and is not transmitted among other people.

The price of a discount card is 140 euros, including USB stick.

Mini 2D
This ultrasound takes 15 minutes and is possible for the whole duration of your pregnancy. You will receive 2 black-white prints and there is a possibility to save the photos on a USB stick.
The costs are 25 euros, excluding USB-stick.

2D scan (extensive)
This scan can be performed during your whole pregnancy. The images will be saved on a USB stick. This ultrasound scan takes 30 minutes and costs 50 euros including an USB stick. 

3-4D ultrasound scans
A 3D ultrasound scan is composed of several 2D images. This makes it possible to see your baby in perspective. The result of 3D ultrasound scans consists of still images. Thanks to new technologies it is now also possible to see your baby move in 3-dimensional images, the 4D ultrasound scan. You will see the best images between 24 and 30 weeks. Take into account that the quality of a 3-4D ultrasound scan depends on a number of factors, like the positioning and movement of your baby and the amount of amniotic fluid.

This ultrasound scan takes 30 minutes and costs 90 euros including an USB stick.