Once you found out that you are pregnant we would like you to contact us. On the phone we will ask you a number of things about your cycle like the first day of your last period, the course of your menstrual cycle, and the date when you tested positive on a pregnancy test for the first time. Based on this, we will schedule the first two appointments, the first ultrasound scan around 8 weeks of pregnancy  and the intake session around 10 to 11 weeks of pregnancy.

The first ultrasound is possible at our location in Wijk en Aalburg or Waalwijk, and will be done by the midwife of Nuvola.  
At the first ultrasound we check how far you are with your pregnancy and if we can see a heart beating. In most cases this is an internal (vaginal) ultrasound, because the baby is too small to get a clear picture externally. So keep this in mind. If you are not comfortable with this, we can make the first ultrasound around 10 weeks, externally from the stomach. 

The first appointment is called the intake. This appointment takes approximately 45 minutes. During this consultation we will ask you a lot of questions about your health, lifestyle and medical history. You will receive information about living habits, things to arrange and nutrition as well. 

During the check-ups with the midwife we will discuss how you are doing and if you are experiencing any problems or have complaints with regards to your pregnancy. The further along in your pregnancy you are the shorter the time between check-ups. For a regular check-up we schedule 15 minutes. During each check-up we will carry out a number of checks. We always measure blood pressure and bodyweight and we examine the growth of the womb and the position of the baby. We also listen to the baby’s heartbeat.

The check-up schedule is usually as follows:
0 to 24 weeks: every 4 weeks 
24 to 30 weeks: every 3 weeks 
30 to 36 weeks: every 2 weeks 
36 to 41 weeks: every week
Of course it is possible to have more frequent check-ups if you wish so.

The intake and regular check-ups are possible at our locations in Waalwijk, Waspik, Drunen and Wijk en Aalburg.