For child-bearing or emergency the midwife in attendance can be reached 24 hours a day at phone number 06 20 39 16 76.

If the midwife doesn’t answer, you can contact the hospital porter of the ETZ hospital in Waalwijk, through phone number 013-22 10 000. Ask for the midwife of obstetric practice Nuvola. The midwife in attendance  will call you back as soon as possible.

Telephone consultation or register

Monday-Friday between 13.00 o’clock and 15.00 at phone 0416-341220. The midwife in attendance will answer the phone. If you can not reach the midwife, she is helping someone in care.
Please send an email to and ask for a return call.

It is also possible to leave your name and phone number at the web page ‘registration’. You will be called to make a first appointment.