Infections can be harmful for your unborn baby. Don’t change the litter box yourself and garden with gloves on, to prevent an infection (toxoplasmosis).

Check if you have been vaccinated against rubella. When you have not been vaccinated as a child, you can get a vaccin via the general practitioner. In that case, it is advised to not get pregnant the following three months.

When you go to a country far away for a holiday, always inquire if any vaccinations are necessary. You can get information via the GGD.

Check if you or your partner are at risk of a venereal disease. When in doubt, you and your partner can get tested by a general practitioner or the GGD. Venereal diseases can be treated well.

When you work at a daycare, be sure to pay extra attention to your hygiene. For more information visit the website of the Rijksvaccinatieprogramma.